High-Tech Publishing- Using a Desktop Publishing Software to Create Promotional Materials

Effective promotion of organizations, companies and clubs require understanding the different avenues and platforms to use to get the word out about their group or establishment. Posters, brochures, newsletters and websites are good promotional materials, but for them to be effective requires them to have a good design and content. Designers and writers everywhere can use the desktop publishing software available now in the market to achieve this goal.

What is a Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing software allows its users to create print materials such as newsletters, flyers, posters and brochures. The program provides its users an easy way to create publications on a computer by providing a library of ready-made templates, icons as well as content and layout generators.

The Different Types of Software to Choose From

Depending on your interests and needs, there is a wide-range of desktop programs to choose from:

Word processor software – This type is considered the most basic type and is mainly used for typing and modifying text documents. It supports functions such as spelling and grammar checkers and text formatting. It is recommended for purely textual documents.

Page layout desktop publishing software – Page layout software allows its users to utilize text, images, and photos to create a powerful and convincing publication. It allows flexibility when it comes to designing layouts. It is commonly used for publishing materials such as books, brochures, newspapers and magazines.

Web publishing/electronic desktop publishing software – The last type of software on this list is also the most versatile. It allows its users to combines all forms of content elements such as text, images, audio and videos to create something fir for Web publication. It can convert files into the HTML or PDF formats for quick web publishing.